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We just moved house.

I had done everything to ensure services would be connected. I even requested power connection on the previous Friday.

Lou and her mum got to the new place about 10am on Monday. At 3pm the power was cut. We had to wait two days for a reconnection. I was cross. I still am, but it is sobering to realise how dependent we are on modern technology, even one as old as the electricity supply.

Anyway, here's what happened:

I wish to confirm TRUenergy had ordered and requested a connection for the Friday 05/02/10. However, a day prior to this on the 04/02/10 Citipower were conducting their Advanced Interval Meter (AMI) also known as 'Smart meters' roll out. Citipower are currently replacing their current meters with the new Smart Meters as part of the Government initiative occurring from 2010 - 2013.
On 04/02/10 when Citipower were changing over your meter they had found a defect at the point of attachment which was therefore deemed unsafe to complete the change of meters. As a result, Citipower sent through a cancellation notification to TRUenergy on the same day 04/02/10 in the morning.
As this was not followed up at our end, there was no second request to reconnect until you had contacted us. My apologies this has occurred and I will be following up as why this was overlooked as it could have been avoided.

I still have a few questions, though. During my first call to TruEnergy on the afternoon of the power cut, the operator got me to hold and then told me that the "electricity company" (Citipower -- and why would he not disclose that?) had reported a fault and had subsequently fixed it.

Now we know from the TruEnergy quote above, that the fault was detected the day before my requested connection. But when was it fixed? On the Monday or earlier? I think it was probably on the Monday or else why would the power have been cut then? But if it was earlier (Friday?) and if the fault was so easily corrected, why was the power on then cut. Why was it not off and then restored?

The problem is that TruEnergy is just a retailer. Citipower does the connections and reconnections. And when one chooses a retailer, all requests are arbitrated by a little-known body called Vencorp. Even the Energy and Water Ombudsman won't tell you about Vencorp (as I discovered in a previous issue with gas supply and billing).

So you're actually dealing with at least three different companies. No one cares if it goes well, but if things go wrong, you're hung out to dry.

Of course the problem really started in the early 1990s when the provision of essential services was privatised by fucking Jeff Kennett.

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