Choking on the New Deal

I went to see Annie yesterday.

The greatest disappointment is the casting of Alan Jones as President Roosevelt. He can barely sing and can't do an American accent to save himself. And given his rabid right-wing posturing on radio, I'm surprised that his character's proposing the New Deal didn't have him choking.

Fancy that, helping all those dirty, undeserving poor people!

And no one has adequately explained to me why he has not been arrested and charged for inciting murder.


Graeme Samuel was on Radio National's Sunday Extra last Sunday. In this interview he suggested that the economic debate had been "debased" because a few people were suggesting re-introducing tariffs.

This reminds me a lot of Jeff Kennett, who, if you disagreed with him, said "You're irrelevant!" Similarly, Peter Costello would just smirk.

Fuck you, Samuel. Instead of debating, accuse your "opponents" of debasing the debate. When you were with the ACCC, I thought you were pretty reasonable, but it turns out you're just another right-wing despot who doesn't want debate at all trying to steamroll over everyone else.

Not published in The Age

To the editor:

Dear Sir or Madam,
Tony Abbott is now bleating about forgotten families. They're not forgotten, Mr Abbott, at least not by me.

My modest rented house is overshadowed on both sides by their neo-faux-classical-European McMansions -- you know, the sort of garbage that passes for Australian domestic architecture these days.

And every time I venture on the roads, they insist on throwing their hulking great lard-arsed Surburban assaUlt Vehicles at me as they ferry their offspring to and from luxurious Halls of (L)Earning.

My heart bleeds not.

Yours sincerely,
David Rodger

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