Another mic to win

Gotta love Recordinghacks. They have yet another mic give-away, a pair of Telefunken Ela M 260 small-diaphragm tube condensers. And I'm writing this entry to increase my chances of winning! Shameless, isn't it?

Another Recordinghack

Recording hacks is giving away another microphone. This time it's the Milab DC-96C.

I've never used this mic, but I do have a couple of the little pencil condensers that came out of Australia's Parliament House. The later are tailored for speech, but they sound pretty good all round. The DC-96 would be lovely, I'm sure.

Win a mic with Recordinghacks

Recordinghacks has a contest with the major prize a Lewitt LCT-640.

The Lewitts haven't made it to Australia yet, and may never, but the review makes them sound pretty good. And who ever looked a gift horse in the mic?

Get your address right on ebay

I just bought—tried to buy—an Audix D6 microphone.

The seller had the wrong address registered with Paypal. So when I tried to pay, nothing happened except for Paypal debiting my credit card. The email address was not registered with Paypal, so the transaction could not be completed. I spent days sending messages to the guy to fix the problem. He didn't.

I wasn't worried because I couldn't get ripped off. But the seller claimed he was (at the time of writing, is) leaving for Asia for a month and wanted to ship the mic. So why didn't he just fix the problem in a reasonable time? I tried four times to pay and each time could not complete it.

To add insult to injury, ebay's autobot accused me of not paying (because the seller had not accepted payment 7 days after the end of the auction). I sent a lengthy message referring them to all the messages sent back and forth and a copy of an email from Paypal showing my payment.

In the end, the guy cancelled the auction, which I hope fixes things with ebay, and relisted ... at a slightly higher price than I paid (US$1.50)— cheeky. It still came in under A$200 so I bought it (again). But what a to do.

If you ever read this, Lance, I don't want bad karma on ebay, so I won't leave a negative rating (if the mic turns up, that is it arrived!), but you're an idiot and I don't want to deal with you again.

Audix D6

Just bought an Audix D6 on ebay. Even with shipping, it's 20% under the lowest Australian price I've seen.

We've got a couple of these at work. They're great—much better than a D112.

Anyone interested in a second-hand D112?



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