Win a mic with Recordinghacks

Recordinghacks has a contest with the major prize a Lewitt LCT-640.

The Lewitts haven't made it to Australia yet, and may never, but the review makes them sound pretty good. And who ever looked a gift horse in the mic?

Ever get sick of buzzwords in ebay listings?

Pro audio folks, you have to have a look at this:

Thanks to Myles on the Turtlerock forums.

ADA, I found you

Thanks to Myles Mumford and an ebay buyer who backed out, I now have 16 channels of Creamware converters.

The next step will be the Focusrites.

ADA, where are you?

As you may know, I have the buggy version of Pro Tools M-Powered, which allows 32 tracks of simultaneous recording, and an M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge. But I have no converters yet, so this system is useless for now. I was considering a couple of Behringer ADA8000s for the time being. The mic pres are crap but the converters are OK (though one can get a lot better). However, if I want to record hi-res (88.2 or 96 kHz sample rates), I need 96k converters.

Well, they're not so hard to come by, although they're very expensive. And they're mostly A/D converters only. Wouldn't it be nice to have ADAs? There are a few things around, for a lot of money, like Lucid and Lynx. But these either have no ADAT lightpipe I/O, or not enough. For example, the 16-channel Lynx Aurora has an optional ADAT card, but that has only two ports which would allow 8 channels of S/MUX, not 16. The Sonic Core (was Creamware) is the same.

I just discovered that the new Focusrite Octopre comes in two versions: mic pre only with ADAT out, and mic pre with dynamics and ADAT in and out. The ADAT ports on both are capable of S/MUX operation, providing 8 channels lo-res or 4-channels hi-res.

So to do 16 channels hi-res I would need two of these. I could then use another 16 channels of converters without the hi-res option to do 32 channels lo-res, because of course the Octopres can do lo-res too.

And the best bit? RRP on the ADA version is $900 a piece!

Audio stash part 2

Well, it seems that my audio stash has attracted a bit of attention. I've had two people enquiring about the Pye limiter. Aside from certain models favoured by the likes of Eddie Kramer and Michael Brauer, it seems that any Pye is a tasty prospect.

Well, what am I going to do with it? Get it restored? That was the plan, but I got an offer that seemed too good to refuse: a swap with a Urei 1176.

Initially I refused. I don't have a studio and have no plans to open one, so what was I going to do with an 1176? I'd be swapping one bit of kit that shouldn't be moved around with another bit of kit that shouldn't be moved around. All my colleagues said I was mad. And maybe I was, but it seemed to make sense. Considering what I paid for the thing, it seemed somewhat excessive.

Well, after lending it to the person who made the offer, I find he wants it even more, so I have relented. I have also tailored the deal to gain a strategic advantage. I might have made more from the deal but that's not so important to me.

Just today, another enquiry has come in from someone else. Thanks for your interest, but the deal is done.


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