Solid State Logic

In the most recent certified agreement for TAFE teachers in Victoria, term holidays (non-teaching weeks) may be spent engaging in "self-directed duties". Make of that what you will.

You may be happy to note that I spent my entire holiday (all day, every day) installing a new Solid State Logic AWS948 mixing console and remodelling the studio.

Well, remodelling is too strong a word. Since the old Tascam console had to go and the new console has its own stand, so did the crappy old school desks the Tascam was sitting on. I found out that Woodstock Studios was selling a cabinet with four columns of 12U of rack space. So we decided to buy it. It needed a bit of structural improvement, but it still cost a lot less than a new custom-built number. We also got new patchbays.

After spending a bit of time with the console, I can say that it's an absolute pleasure to use. It sounds fantastic and the features are pretty good: decent mic pres, two channels of dynamics and the famous SSL bus compressor, E and G series EQ, configurable stereo channels (stereo, dual mono for mixing and dual mono for in-line tracking), fader automation, recall on some switches and pots (not all) and DAW control.

We're loving it!


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