Over the last dew years, we've procured a couple of games on CD-ROM. One is Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking). A more recent one is Kalle Kunskap Skolstart.

Pippi was easy to install on my Windows VM: load the CD-ROM and select Installera from the list of options. At least, I think that's how I did it. It was a while ago.

Anyway, today I tried installing Skolstart. After a couple of attempts, Windows crashed... I mean totally crashed and it took my Linux host with it. Well, after restarting my laptop and the VM, I still couldn't do it. So Daniel asked to play Pippi. Well, the crash took out Pippi as well and that game no longer works. Windows is now claiming that the Pippi files are not 32-bit files. Well, they might not be because the CD-ROM quotes Windows 95/98/2000 as the system, requirements. But that was never a problem before.

All of this just confirms that Windows is generally a huge stinking pile of shit where stuff breaks for no good reason. At least, no good reason that the casual user can discern.

Oh, and it insists on checking for and installing updates without seeking permission. Maybe after the current ones, it will work again, but who knows. No, it didn't. But at least I've figured out how to launch Pippi directly from the CD-ROM; attempts to re-install the startup app haven't worked.

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