Gefell please

Recordinghacks has a Gefell M930 to give away this month. Must... resist... Hang on. It's a competition!

Recaptcha killed spam

I finally got around to updating Habari yesterday, from 0.6.4 to 0.7.1. It all went swimmingly. Since I'd been getting increasing amounts of spam, I decided to install a Recaptcha plug-in. Suddenly, I no longer have to wade through 150 messages to see if any are legit. Since no one reads this blog, I can say with reasonable certainty that none were, but just in case, please be assured that the volume of spam probably means I missed your comment. Please post it again... if you can solve the Captcha.

Another mic to win

Gotta love Recordinghacks. They have yet another mic give-away, a pair of Telefunken Ela M 260 small-diaphragm tube condensers. And I'm writing this entry to increase my chances of winning! Shameless, isn't it?

Pro Tools show-stopper

I've been enjoying Pro Tools 9 too and haven't even applied 9.0.x updates, but on Thursday night I had a showstopper.

I was playing multitrack for a show and it played two cues from different times in the playlist simultaneously. Took a reboot of my Mac to fix it.

I've seen a lot of weird PT stuff over the years, but I've never seen anything remotely like that.

Blackspade UM25

Those chaps at Recording Hacks keep on doing it! There's another mic to win, and they say that if I mention it on my blog, it doubles my chances.

You know, you never can own too many microphones!

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