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For one unit I teach, I've been using a home-baked web application. At the time I wrote it, I needed to find a web app framework in PHP that could get me up and running quite quickly.

Well, little did I know that Cake 1.1 was a bit of a dog. There were several WTFs such as having to specify form fields in a certain way, even though the model would not return results in the same way— very inconvenient if you wanted to autofill form fields. Little things like that made what should have been a quick and dirty development turn into a 200 hour pain-in-the-rear-end.

Anyway, that can now be considered a "legacy" app, and I really should have rewritten it by now using something nice and relatively straightforward, like konstrukt. I don't have time, and after this year I won't be teaching that unit, because it's being junked along with the rest of the Music Industry Training Package CUS01.

So I have to make it PHP5.3-compatible, so I don't get messages like this:

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /www/audioio.com/include/cake_1.1.13.4450/cake/libs/class_registry.php on line 55

There's a bit of editing by hand to be done, but I found a little script for multi-file search and replace that really helped.

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