HD, maybe?

I just snared a Magma 4-slot PCI expansion chassis for less than $200. It came with a PCI host adaptor.

Since my plan is to run Pro Tools on a used Macbook Pro with an ExpressCard slot (for expandability), all I need is to purchase an ExpressCard host adaptor. Then whatever I put in the expansion chassis will work with the Macbook.

With more and more PCI Pro Tools cards coming onto the second-hand market, this could be a semi-cheap way to get Pro Tools HD.

For now, the unit will serve as an external RAID drive. It holds four hard drives and I also just got a 4-port SATA card.

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  1. 13195 No more PCI? - Spanspek 2011-09-27 23:08:58

    ... $100, I bought an ExpressCard host adaptor. It works really well.The long-term plan is to buy some second-hand Pro Tools HD cards and have a very powerful mobile system. For now, I can't afford that, so what to do...Great, I thou...

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