Domain limbo

My domain registrar is dead.

I'm moving house this week so I thought I'd see if I could change the details. Lo and behold. LiveRegistry is dead. Googling them revealed that LiveRegistry and its associated host Solid Internet have gone down.

I used to host with Solid, when it was called Not bad, but when PHP5 came along I decided to move. Glad I did, but I saw no reason to change registrars.

Now this wouldn't necessarily be a problem, but my domains are locked. So I can't transfer them to another registrar, and my registrar's website is gone so I can't see if it's possible to unlock them.

LiveRegistry was a reseller for eNom, so I submitted a ticket. Looks as if I might have to go with them. They're fully exploiting the situation because LiveRegistry never charged me more than $15 a year per domain. eNom wants about $35 a year. (How does that work? LiveRegistry, as a reseller, charged less than the provider of its service?)

So in a few months' time, this site might disappear.

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