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I tend not to write about my workplace. I don't think I have, in any of my posts, explicitly named it. One has to be careful with expressing opinions which may not be consistent with the corporate vision. So I won't name it here either. But if you know of a TAFE that is having a Music Festival this week, that's my employer.

We've got several very nice rigs for audio.

In the venue, there's a Soundcraft MH2 at FOH (sadly, not ours). There was a hired Midas Verona at monitors but the cue system died so it was replaced with an Avid SC48 digital.

In the multitrack recording room, we have a Pro Tools HD system being fed by various mic pres and compressors: Focusrite, JBL/Urei, Calrec, Auditronics and Midas mic pres, and two dbx 160As, four channels of dbx 162s (the new purple ones) and a 2-channel Smart C2. Monitoring is through NS10s or PMC DB1S.

In the live mix room, we have a Mackie Onyx 2480 (very serviceable and pretty quiet), a rack of Presonus comps and a couple of cheap TC effects units, with monitoring through Adam A5s. That mix is being sent to a TV recording unit with a backup on a Sound Devices 722 hard disk recorder.

We had a great night tonight with a big band concert. We tried an experiment with AKG C414s as brass "overheads", but that just didn't work so we reverted to AKG C451s and a Rode NT5 on saxes, Shure SM57s on trombones and trumpets (unfortunately we have no RE20s or Sennheiser 441s), and a Sennheiser 421 as a solo mic.

It sounded great on the multitrack, and the students on the live mix did a very creditable job.

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  1. 18894 Ritik 2013-10-17 03:31:57

    Valid argument for sure! Certain mics work betetr on different drums. I wouldn't place the mic like you have on the site though. I'd actually have the inside the kick port with the bad side flush with the back head. At least that's how I have it setup at the venue on a Yamaha Absolute Maple kit. This is if you can't use a 2 mic option, my preference would be a about 2 inches from the front head inside the kick drum pointed directly at the mallets and an flush with the port hole.

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